Stillenstein Gorge

Cycling Passau-Vienna - Stillenstein Gorge

The Stillenstein Gorge, an impressive natural spectacle, is located between Grein and St. Nikola. Coming from high above, the Gießenbach stream has spectacularly carved out its path. Humans have intensified this development – in the 19th century, the gorge was widened using explosives to allow for the floating of lumber. Experience a fascinating hiking path along natural paths and artificial inclines, moss-covered stones, waterfalls and the ‘Steinerne Stube’ (stone room). The daring can set foot into this cave, into which the stream sometimes flows.

The gorge begins directly at the Danube Cycle Path at the Gießenbach Mill snack bar and is approximately 5 kilometres long. You should allow 1,5 h (1 path) for the hike. A 4 hour round trip using hiking paths 9 and 7, starting in Grein is also worthwhile.

Snack-bar Gießenbach Mill

Radtour Passau-Wien - Stillensteinklamm