River Pool Kritzendorf

Cycling Passau-Vienna - River Pool Kritzendorf

The bathing ship was built in 1903 and local history truly comes to life here. In the 20s and 30s it was a popular meeting place for all social classes. Winemakers’ apprentices, hotel maids, bankers and Baronesses – they all met here. Popular songs, such as ‘Mein Schatz ist bei der Feuerwehr in Kritzendorf – My sweetheart is in the fire brigade in Kritzendorf’, or „Komm mit nach Kritzendorf, wo jeder mit mir schwitzen dorf – Come to Kritzendorf, where we can all sweat together‘, were known far and wide. Today one can still bathe in the Danube, not in the bathing ship, but at a beautiful sandy beach. There are also pretty communal allotments and an inviting restaurant.